Scientists have created a model of the universe based on the theory of superstrings


A team of three researchers first demonstrated how our universe was formed three spatial dimensions of the ten, nine of which belonged to the space and one in time. The results were obtained by simulation on a supercomputer.

In superstring theory, which is called the "theory of everything", all the elementary particles are made up of strings, and their differences are due to the nature of these oscillations is very small strings. One of the modes of vibration of strings creates a particle carrying a gravity that allows you to extend the theory of relativity up to the scale of elementary particles.

Superstring theory predicts the existence of the nine spatial dimensions. The question arises, how does this fit with what we observe only three dimensions of space.

A team of three researchers has succeeded in creating a model of creation of the universe on a supercomputer, using calculations of the superstring theory. They were able to demonstrate that the universe was originally in 9 spatial dimensions, but only 3 of them underwent expansion at some point in time.

This work will be published in Physical Review Letters.

In his research team has developed a method for calculating large matrices to track the interaction of the strings. They managed to figure out how to nine dimensions of space are modified over time. They traced the change occurs during the nine dimensions of the universe.

If you go back in time, at some point in time the space actually took nine measurements. But at some point, only three of them began to expand rapidly. The results are the first to demonstrate that familiar to us three-dimensional space, originally consisted of nine dimensions, as predicted by the theory of superstrings.

It has been almost 40 years since, when superstring theory was proposed as a theory of everything, which expanded the theory of general relativity to the scale of elementary particles. However, the accuracy and the practical benefits were unclear because of the difficulties with the product on the basis of its calculation. This study, during which it received the solution to the riddle of dimensions of space-time, is a strong argument in favor of the fact that the theory is reliable.

Moreover, the emergence of a new method to analyze superstring theory using computers opens up new possibilities for the application of this theory to the solution of various problems. For example, now it will be possible to give a theoretical justification of inflationary expansion of the universe at an early stage of its development, and its current expansion, with the opening of which has been given the Nobel Prize for Physics this year. It is expected that further development of the theory of superstrings, will play an important role in solving many puzzles in particle physics. Including such as the existence of dark matter and the Higgs boson.

Original: Physorg

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