On Sunday and Monday on the Earth magnetic storm is expected


On Earth, January 22-23, from the release of the Sun plasmoid magnetic storm will occur. Several extramagnetospheric satellites such as SOHO, STEREO, ACE has recently registered a coronal mass ejection, which occurred on Thursday around 20:30 MSK in the active region 1401. Leakage of plasma was associated mainly with the Ministry of Health of the X-ray flare class in this area.

According to the intensity of the X-ray flares are generally divided into five classes: A, B, C, M and X. A0.0 is the minimum class corresponding to the radiation on the Earth’s orbit of 10 nanowatts per square meter. Move to the next letter of an increase in the power of ten.

"Very sharp changes in the magnetic field and the solar wind velocity and density of the plasma were recorded at a distance of 1 million 400 thousand kilometers from our planet. Typically, these changes lead to the onset of magnetic storms in space around the Earth. In the coming days, a violent storm is not expected. A here on a Sunday and Monday is likely a magnetic storm of moderate intensity "- told the agency NASA.

According to the experts of NASA, the storm-class M3.2 that awaits us on the weekend, will be powerful enough to cause some interference to radio communication failure and temporary nature. The onset of a storm in near-Earth space must necessarily be recorded in the first magnetometer located on the "Electro", a Russian geostationary satellite.

Researchers at the Laboratory of X-ray astronomy of the Sun Institute of Physics Professor Lebedev (FIAN) reported that a coronal mass ejection, which occurred on Jan. 20, was one of the largest in the last few years.

Solar plasma in the form of a cloud, according to experts, will take about 2-2.5 days out, to overcome the vast distance of 150 million kilometers, which separate the earth from the sun. "Given the power and duration of the release, the magnetic field of the earth and the atmosphere is likely to remain in the troubled state of not less than one day, or rather every Sunday" - as noted in a message posted on the site of the laboratory.

The strongest geomagnetic storm in history was recorded by scientists in 1859. At the time of electrical infrastructure around the world was very small for the scoping of solar activity on the global economy. However, it was impossible not to notice the electric current passed suddenly on telegraph lines. Electric waves were so powerful that telegraph operators sent messages even when disconnected batteries.

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