The crew of the ISS orbit is delayed for another month


Replacement crew of the International Space Station (ISS), the launch of which was to take place March 30, 2012, seems to linger on earth for a while due to defects in the work, made when assembling the capsule spacecraft "Soyuz TMA-04M," as reported on the eve of Media representative of the space industry.

"In all likelihood, the launch will take from 30 March to the end of April, but more precise information can be given after the completion of the commission’s work on the descent capsule" - said the source.

According to him, on Sunday during the test, "the Union" on the leak test has been fixed flow. "The reason for this fact served as the human factor in the process of assembling pnevmoskhemy" - said the source. Manned launch of this device is now impossible. "The next unit, as far as I know, is already in the Keys for the necessary tests with it should not be a problem" - said the representative of the space industry.

The crew of the ship, presumably consisted of Russian astronauts - Gennady Padalka and Sergei Revin, and astronaut of America - Joseph Aqaba. At the moment, the ISS crew performs the work of the 30th expedition led by commander Daniel Burbank (USA) and flight engineers of different countries: Kononenko, A. Shkaplerova, A. Ivanishina, (citizens of the Russian Federation), a member of the Netherlands Andre Kuipers and Donald Pettit of the United States. Due to the transfer of the current crew to start now will have to stay in orbit for approximately one month.

Also today it was announced that will be moved one more run. Start "Proton-M" with its occupants Dutch satellite NSS-14, also was scheduled for January 28 this year. At this time the reason for the transfer of steel, as experts note, has become a bad cable. The rocket will be charged to the starter launch complex and transported to the assembly building, where the defects will be corrected.

It is worth noting that the failures are often chased the Russian space industry in recent times. So, in August of last year in Kazakhstan from Baikonur rocket was launched "Proton-M" satellite "Express-AM4". The device, created in collaboration with the European experts, was to provide a launch of digital television. But contrary to all expectations, communication with the satellite was lost immediately after the start. Later it was found that the satellite brought slightly below the calculated angle, resulting in it inoperable.

Three months later, it became known about the accident probe "Phobos-Grunt", the launch of which involved the collection of soil samples from the surface of Mars. But at the stage of separation from the launch vehicle with the apparatus having a problem with the engine, as a result it simply dependent on the orbit. As it became known, last week all the rubble space station fell into the Pacific Ocean.

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