Russian space launches delayed


Russia announced the postponement of the next two manned launches to the International Space Station (ISS) for several weeks due to technical problems arising from the Soyuz spacecraft.

The source said that the Soyuz TMA-04M failed test test compression pressure chamber, which took place before the planned March 30 launch. He will now be delayed until April or the first half of May.

"The descent vehicle can no longer be used for manned spaceflight," - said the source.

This launch will take place using the lander, which is planned to use in the course of the next mission, originally scheduled for May 30. It will be delayed until June.

The lander is located inside the spacecraft. This is where the astronauts returned to Earth at the end of the mission.

After the closure of the shuttle program, Russia was the only country that is delivering astronauts United States and other countries to the ISS. Over the last year the domestic space program suffered a whole series of problems.

Original: Physorg

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