Russia began negotiations on the establishment of a lunar base


The Russian Space Agency (Roscosmos) has begun negotiations with Europe and the United States to establish a manned lunar research base.

The head of the agency, Vladimir Popovkin, appealed to NASA and the European Space Agency, with a proposal to establish a permanent residence in the moon. "We do not want to just step on the Moon" - Popovkin said on Vesti FM radio. "Today, we know enough about it, we know about the water at its poles, and discuss how to begin the study (Moon) with NASA and the European Space Agency."

But that’s not all. One giant leap for mankind often begins with one or two small steps. In this case, Russia is planning to produce two unmanned launch to the moon in the next 8 years. According to Popovkin, will either create a fixed base on the lunar surface, or to establish a working laboratory for the lunar orbit.

Do not rush to dismiss these claims under the pretext of a recent string of bad luck in the Russian space missions, of which particularly noteworthy Phobos-Grunt, which fell back to Earth after a fault.

Let’s turn our attention to the positive aspects of the national space program, among which we can recall the research lunar mission "Moon," in which much has been achieved. In the course of this program was first planted the spacecraft to the moon, was made the first photographs of the far side of our satellite, the first to obtain a panoramic photo close-up directly from the surface, launched the first artificial satellite of the moon, the first successful lunar rover, first returned lunar soil sample.

Original: Physorg

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