Canada fell on a huge meteorite


Astronomer Don Hladeku, employee Scientific Centre of Calgary in Canada was able to capture on camera amazing natural phenomenon, which occurred the evening of February 22. He took video of the fall of the meteorite enormous size. Scientists suggest that a substantial impact on the land 100-pound meteorite is likely to split apart. At the moment we are actively seeking space gostya.Yarky a meteor lit up the night sky across the western province of Saskatchewan (Canada), and the sky in the eastern region of the province of Alberta in the night of 22 to 23 February. According to specialists, he fell approximately in the small town of North Battlford.Ochevidtsy meteorite reported that during the passage of a celestial body through the Earth’s atmosphere at about 9:45 pm firmament was illuminated by bright flashes of light and bright long polosami.Odin of local residents, Mike Aisen, was finishing his shift when he saw a bright flash of light in the night sky. "I looked up at the sky, and it was badly lit. I had never seen anything like it. It was like a flash that occurs during welding work "- said on.Ogromny meteor lit up the sky for several miles around, as eyewitnesses. Some of them claim that they heard heavy thunder. Apparently, it happened at a time when the outer body is falling apart. "I looked at the sky, standing, facing east and suddenly noticed the emergence of a large fireball from the sky. It was something like a spherical object orange-yellow color, and then it became green and red ball with a bright tail behind "- eyewitness Shane Teylor.Sotrudniki Calgary Science Centre has reported that they would like to gather more information from witnesses, as this will allow them to more accurately establish the trajectory of the meteorite in atmosfere.Soglasno Canadian law, the ownership of a fallen meteorite will belong to the owner of the site where it is found, therefore, employees Research Center warned that all hunters cosmic guest, you must first obtain permission the owner of land in the area of research.

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