Scientists have discovered an asteroid that will fall to Earth in 30 years


NASA astronomers have recently discovered asteroid, which in a collision with the Earth in 30 years could cause a big disaster. The probability of falling heavenly bodies as they note, is extremely high. According to their calculations of the asteroid, called 2011 AG5, can face our planet 2040goda February 5, that is, after 29 years.

The news was published in the edition of The Daily Mail, strongly disturbed UN Action Team on Near-Earth Objects, which began discussing the measures to be taken to avoid a collision.

The width of the asteroid is more than 140 meters. Astronomers have calculated that the chances of a celestial body crashing into the Earth are 1 to 625, however, this information may change in the future.

If AG5 collide with the Earth, it could cause the destruction of millions of people, but it does not threaten the complete extinction of humanity. For comparison, the scientists cited the example of the asteroid, which became once caused the complete disappearance of the dinosaurs (65 million years ago), its size was 14 kilometers.

As for AG5, experts have not yet established its exact dimensions, more detailed calculations they can do in the period between 2013 and 2016 years, when the celestial body closer to our planet at a distance of more than convenient for the observation is made.

Experts are currently engaged in finding and developing ways that could prevent an asteroid collision with Earth. In the methods discussed is the use of a special space rocket that hooked celestial body can get him for yourself and leave a safe distance to the planet.

The missile can also help to change the asteroid’s orbit, just bumping into him. The option of use of nuclear weapons was considered by experts, but it can lead to additional problems - the asteroid AG5 then split into a large number of small fragments, which may fall down to Earth in the form of a meteor shower.

According to recent research by NASA, just around the Earth (at a distance of about 200,000 km) is about 19,000 such asteroids medium size.

By the mid-size asteroids include the heavenly bodies, the size of which ranges from 1 to 100 miles wide, and in a collision with the Earth can destroy a whole city.

Most public attention attracted Apophis asteroid the size of two football fields, which is projected to astronomers will fly as close to the Earth in 2036. If the predictions come true, the asteroid weighing 30 million tons of fly by at a distance of 30,000 kilometers from Earth and its inhabitants will be able to see in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Recently, however, the planet is not only threatening asteroids, but often falling satellites. Last October, the X-ray telescope ROSAT, down to earth and split into 30 fragments, each of which weighed 1.7 tons. According to official data, the German space agency DLR, all the satellite debris fell into the Bay of Bengal.

Original: Dailymail

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