Astronomers have spotted an unusual asteroid close to Earth


The opening of the asteroid 2-3 kilometers in width, which moves in the opposite direction, which is not characteristic of other cosmic bodies, led astronomers to break his head in thought. It’s coming closer to the Earth than any other object on the ’retrograde’ orbit, and astronomers think they should have noticed it before.

The object, called 2009 HC82, was discovered by scientists from the Observatory Catalina Sky Survey, which is located in the state of Arizona, in the morning on April 29. Five research teams have studied the provisions of the asteroid. As a conclusion, the astronomical center International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center found that an asteroid orbits the Sun once every 3.39 years in orbit, which is at a distance of 3.5 million kilometers from the Earth’s orbit.

The size of the object puts the HC82 2009 in a number of potentially hazardous asteroids. Really unusual is the fact that the orbit is inclined by 155

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