Two tiny asteroid zipped past Earth


Two tiny asteroid sizes swept far away in the Monday, March 26, flying between our planet and the orbit of the moon, but no danger of influence on our world is not presented, as reported by NASA scientists. Two small space rocks at high speed flew past the Earth, with one of them approached the planet in the first half of the day, and the second - a little later, in 1:09 PM EDT (17:09 GMT), according to information from the astronomers of observing asteroids NASA. "Both of cosmic bodies were very small (less than 10 meters) and do not pose any danger," the researchers said in a message left at Twitter. The first asteroid will approach the Earth at 154,000 miles, experts have called asteroid 2012 FP35. The size of the asteroid 2012 FP35 was approximately 9 meters in width, that is, he was like a big bus. Another asteroid, called 2012 FS35, flew closer to the Earth, and at the time of closest approach to it was at a distance of 58,000 kilometers. This space rock was even smaller than its predecessor, about 3 meters wide, and was comparable in size to a small car. Paths of the two asteroids were inside the moon’s orbit, circling the Earth at a distance of approximately 382,900 kilometers. According to NASA scientists, more distant asteroid 2012 FP35 flew within 0.4 lunar distances of the planet and asteroid 2012 FS35 passed in 0.17 lunar distances. Both of space rock was discovered by experts over the weekend and immediately identified as non-hazardous. Their tiny size indicates that they probably did not survive, crossing the Earth’s atmosphere.

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