ISS found dangerous microorganisms


Microorganisms found on the International Space Station, deemed dangerous and can lead to malfunction of the plant equipment. This was announced in a media statement the Vice-President of Russian Academy of Sciences Anatoly Grigoryev.

"Earlier, we were faced with the problem is the harmful effects of microorganisms on the station" Mir "and now faced with the ISS. These microbes are negatively affect the entire station structure, affecting not only metal, but also polymers. It is likely that microbes can be a major cause of equipment failures "- said Grigoriev during a scientific conference in Moscow.

The Vice President also said that the experiment, providing exposure of biological objects on the outside of the ISS, was confirming the viability of the microorganisms in the conditions of outer space for 18, 31 or even more months. This information was provided by the "Interfax".

The International Space Station is a manned orbital station, which is used as a space research facility for various purposes. The first element of the ISS Russian launched November 20, 1998. It was the functional cargo block with the name "Dawn".

The list of research carried out on the ISS has been known to include medical and biological research, the creation of high-tech materials and a variety of biological products, as well as the study of the behavior of the human body during prolonged space flight, the study of the atmosphere and the Earth’s surface, interplanetary flights and more .

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