Astronomers have discovered an interesting nebula


Astrophysics, exploring deep space, find an inconspicuous, but very intriguing object causing a keen interest specialists. This object was nebula formed a star similar to the Sun. Opening Nebula, it was thanks to the Hubble telescope.

Interest in the subject stems from the fact that new information about the nebula called Egg can give an answer to one of the most important issues discussed in modern astrophysics - the fate of the Sun. Currently, in our universe, scientists believe there are many third-generation stars, having similar characteristics with our star, and the question of the evolution of these cosmic objects is one of the pressing issues in the astronomical community.

Now the discovery of a new nebula has shed more light on the question of the evolutionary development of our sun. Today, scientists know that in about 5 billion years when the sun runs out of hydrogen supplies, thermonuclear reactions will take place on the basis of other, heavier elements. During the carbon cycle, the sun will begin to rapidly increase in size, gradually turning into a red giant, and capturing the neighboring planet. At this stage, the world could end life, and in a few million years before it becomes a desert without any signs of life.

At some point, each star begins to tear away all of their shells that form the nebula expanding into outer space. At this stage, all the processes taking place at high speed, which is why scientists are out to not miss the opportunity to observe them. It is this process and is currently in the Egg Nebula. So, it is quite possible that in a few billion years, around our star can form such a planetary nebula, she herself becomes a white dwarf. A neutron star or a black hole in the sun is not probable because of insufficient size. The diameter of this "star" will resemble the Earth with high-density material.

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