That astronauts eat lunch or space on Apollo 10


In this photo taken on May 18, 1969, captures the launch of manned spacecraft "Apollo 10", more training provision for astronauts to perform the mission.

On board the "Apollo 10", launched from the Kennedy Space Center in 16 hours 49 minutes GMT, was a crew of three: a commander and two pilots. The flight was carried out in the command module pilot John Young (John Young) and lunar module pilot Eugene Cernan (Gene Cernan) led by Commander Thomas Stafford (Thomas Stafford).

This launch of Apollo was his fourth in seven months. The purpose of the flight was to conduct testing and training mission "Apollo 11", the first mission of providing for the landing of men on the moon.

Each crew member was provided a meal containing about 2,800 calories, with the expectation of three doses a day. The photo shows John Young food, calculated on the nine-day expedition. The mission lasted only eight days, so he ate whatever he was cooked. However, the expedition provides additional supply of provisions astronauts in case they linger in outer space.

In the suite of products included cocoa, salmon salad, sugar cookies, grape punch and hand wipes. The food was sorted by day and observed for each astronaut corresponding color: white - for the commander of the mission, blue - for the command module pilot and red - for the pilot of the lunar module.

The menu is usually selected astronauts themselves, and the scientists on the development of space food is converted into their favorite dishes in small, hard pellets, without disrupting the food formula of vitamins, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, macro-and micronutrients, and without violation of special biomedical and medical and technical requirements.

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