Millions of people watched a unique solar eclipse


Tens of millions of people on Earth today observed an unusual solar eclipse: The moon for a moment shut out the sun, leaving the edges "ring of fire". Nothing like this has been observed by scientists for nearly a thousand years. A clearer picture of the unique phenomenon was represented residents Kuriles, the Philippines and Japan, where the eclipse was a large-scale event.

For this event the Japanese prepared in advance, armed with special glasses to watch the disappearance of the sun. These days sunglasses have become a top seller. The number of people interested in astronomy in May increased noticeably. Literature about the eclipse can be purchased at every turn. However, such a rare earth dwellers sought to not only see, but also how to better capture. The top of sacred Mount Fuji was the most appropriate place. For live coverage of the unique phenomenon at the foot of Mount Fuji was set minipower of solar panels. For example, a solar eclipse in Japan was another occasion to demonstrate the effectiveness of energy-saving technologies.

Eclipse phenomenon is called when the moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, casting shadows in this band. Moon passed along the south-eastern coast of Japan. Given the width of the Moon’s shadow - 295 kilometers - that’s an eclipse was a record for the last 900 years.

The solar disk Earth satellite began to eclipse 20 minutes past six. According to the poll, conducted by the local media, about half of the residents of the capital were going to look at the sun through sunglasses and lenses and video cameras. Sky overcast, held up to the last moment of all observers in suspense.

Today’s scientists call an annular eclipse. At this time the moon was closer to the luminary, so visually it seemed a little less than the diameter of the solar disk. Thus, the passage of the moon in the center of the sun contributed to the formation of a fiery ring around the black silhouette of a satellite.

Celestial spectacle when, instead of the sun in the sky is visible only a thin luminous ring and semi-darkness descends on Earth, has become a truly memorable and stunning spectacle. Such a representation of the sky Tokyo residents have observed about 173 years ago.

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