Train to ... asteroids!


They - dark, small and completely devoid of atmosphere. Who wants to volunteer to fly to an asteroid? Of course, the astronauts NASA. After traveling to the nearby space stones can help to gain experience, so necessary for a successful visit to Mars.

The plans made by the Commission, appointed by the White House, the aims of which was the revision of the plans of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. One of the members of this commission is Edward Crowley (Edward Crawley), a scientist at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT).

The idea is to first send astronauts in a relatively short space missions, including visits to asteroids and flying around Venus, to prepare for future global project of conquering the Red Planet.

First the shortest mission is flying around the moon. Later plans include flights to asteroids whose orbits are closest to the Earth. Such missions to asteroids should theoretically take several months each.

After the "asteroid" training astronauts could flew over Venus and Mars and land on the Martian moon Phobos, whose diameter at the widest point is only 27 kilometers away. Each of these flights for the duration it would take more than a year.

Although Crowley did not say when the asteroid will first visit the man, he said that it could happen within six years after the launch of the project. Interesting science and technology news only on pages of our portal.


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