Venezuela will launch in October, with China its second satellite


In October 2012 Venezuela intends to run with the People’s Republic its second satellite, said on Thursday the Minister of Technology and Science South American country’s Jorge Arreasa.

Artificial satellite directly for earth observation given the name "Miranda" and, as a precursor to it, "Simon Bolivar", which is already on the earth’s orbit, will be manufactured in China, leading TV channel Univision words Arreasy. Price "Miranda" will be approximately $ 140 million.

According to the minister, like satellite Venezuela is absolutely necessary to be able to watch the area, as well as analyze what is happening 24 hours a day with the upgrade card every 40 days. Hurry up with the launch at the same time no one will: "We do not want to hurry, hurry because in such a case may be the consequence of the risk," - said Arreasa.

Francisco de Miranda, whose name is given to the new satellite, was a leader of the struggle for independence in the Spanish colonies of South America, it serves a national hero in Venezuela, as well as creator of its flag.

Satellite, which is named after Simon Bolivar, another prominent fighter against Spanish rule in South America, was launched in 2008 as a territory of China. It is designed to provide communication, broadcast television and radio programs, and in addition other civilian targets.

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