Astronomers have not been able to hear the "voice" of aliens on planet system GJ581


Trying to hear the broadcast of some alien civilization with acceptable habitable planets a star system Gliese (GJ) 581 ended in failure - astronomers artificial signals from this system is not found, according to an article from the Astronomical Journal.

Gliese 581 - a star, a red dwarf, which is located at a distance of twenty light-years from Earth in the constellation Libra directly, the system performs the mistress of the 4 planets. Of these, two - GJ581d and GJ581c - considered among the "super-Earths": their weight exceeds six and five times Earth’s mass, respectively, therefore, these bodies have a hard surface.

Apart from the fact, GJ 581d, and GJ 581c fall into the "zone of life" - as astronomers call the range of distances to the stars, which may be on the planet liquid water is therefore possible existence of life. Planet d is a "cold" and with - with the "hot" side of life zones, as Mars and Venus in the solar system.

A team of researchers led by Hayden Rampadaratoma of the International Center for Radio Astronomy Curtin University, Australia, decided to "hear" this system in order to check the possibilities of the Very Long Baseline Interferometry for finding extraterrestrial intelligence.

Interferometry - a method of simultaneous observations of the same object using the far distant devices - makes it possible to distinguish very small objects in the sky. Interferometer Australian Long Baseline Array, where she worked as a group Rampadarata consists of 3 radio telescopes, which are spaced apart a few hundred kilometers. The spatial resolution of the system is comparable to the resolution of the famous space telescope "Hubble".

During observations with this system that have been taken in June 2007 in the range between 1230 and 1544 megahertz, the researchers found 222 potential signal some extraterrestrial civilizations. However, further analysis revealed that none of the data signal from the system does not come Gliese581.

At the same time, astronomers are confident that the VLBI technique is ideally suited to search for signals from extraterrestrial intelligence, and it can be used for the next generation of radio interferometers, for example, for megateleskopa SKA, whose construction is planned to be in 2016 is expected to SKA will help scientists explore black holes and processes the formation of galaxies, and in addition to participate in finding extraterrestrial life.

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