Doubles ejection of solar plasma can cause a magnetic storm on Earth


The two most powerful plasma discharge, which took place on Wednesday and Thursday in the Sun on the Earth can trigger a burst of geomagnetic disturbances on Sunday, June 17, as suggested by specialists from the center of the forecast space weather Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National USA.

The source of coronal mass ejections is a group of sunspots (active area) 1504, which appeared on June 9 on the visible side of the sun. From now on, the area in 1504 identified five X-ray flares. Such outbreaks are the result of "short-circuit", reconnections of the magnetic field of the sun. As a result, releases large amounts of energy and, thus, there is X-ray flash, often accompanied by the ejection of solar plasma.

These bursts are divided into several classes: X, M, C, B and A. The smallest class A0.0 responsible radiation on the orbit of the Earth in 10 nW per square meter. Moving on to the next class, power tenfold increase.

In the last days of June 13 and 14 June 1504 the region has issued two flashes M1. These events were accompanied by coronal mass ejections. Fast first ejection was relatively low (604 km / s), however, the second ejection offer speed (1,360 km / s).

As expected, both the plasma clouds and the Earth will get almost the same time (June 17), and may in the Earth’s magnetosphere, the joint strike provoked outrage.

NOAA employees are warned that the active region 1504 is not "exhausted": the next day there is 5% probability of X-class flares, and a 65% chance - M class.

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