"Voyager 1" reached the edge of the solar system


More recently, scientists have found that one of the interstellar space "truck" - the device "Voyager 1" reached in the end, the region of space, which is characterized by excessive intensity of charged particles arriving from outer space in the solar system.

Such data suggest that the interstellar emissary reached a historical point - that is, the edge of the solar system.

One of the participants in this project, Ed Stone, said that "Voyager" will be the first spacecraft, which reached interstellar space. To date, this apparatus is at a distance from our planet 17.8 billion kilometers. The signals coming from him, taking space communications network that belong to NASA. All these figures relate mainly charged particles that produce supernovae, which are located outside of our system.

In addition, there have been re-orientation of the magnetic field surrounding the ship. In the heliosphere, which is still in "Voyager", these lines are directed from east to west, but outside of it will change their direction north-south. Today, 14.7 mldr. kilometers from the Sun, there is another similar trucker - "Voyager 2".

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