Scientists have caught a magnetic super-tornado, warming up the solar corona


European physicists discovered giant magnetic tornadoes that heat the gas in the solar corona to millions of degrees Kelvin, it confirmed one of the most accepted theories that explain the abnormally high temperature of the corona, astrophysicists said.

The high temperature of the corona - that is, the outermost layer of the solar atmosphere - remains to astrophysicists still a mystery. The underlying layers of the Sun - the photosphere and chromosphere - warmed to a temperature of 10,000 degrees Kelvin. In the boundary layer directly between the crown and the thickness of the photosphere kilometers, the temperature increases sharply in the hundreds and thousands of times reaches approximately million degrees Kelvin. A full explanation of this phenomenon, which does not cause the majority of scholars doubt there yet.

The group of astrophysicists from the head of Sven-Vedemayera Bohm, University of Oslo (Norway), watched the Sun’s surface and its atmosphere with the AIA instrument on board SDO.

Vedemayera-Bohm and his colleagues were interested in it eddies in the chromosphere, similar to Earth’s tornado in their properties. Many astrophysical data associated with the formation of "appendages" of the magnetic field of the Sun and the process of heating the gas in its crown.

The authors studied the magnetic structure of a tornado in the solar chromosphere and checked how the appearance of their effect on the state of the magnetic field and the solar corona. Astrophysicists find 14 such facilities in the areas of solar, free of stains, and trace their development.

It was found that the occurrence of vortexes at the surface of the giant photosphere chromo and accompanied by the formation of similar and connected thereto, and the structures in the lower parts of the corona. Their diameter reached 1,500 kilometers, which is thousands of times more than the most massive terrestrial vortices.

At the heart of the super-tornado, according to scientists, are outgrowths of the giant solar magnetic fields that rotate in a completely irregular spiral. The gas from the bottom of the crown and the top of the chromosphere captures tornado and begins to move directly from the power lines of the magnetic spiral, accelerating gradually warming up to million degrees Kelvin.

As the researchers say, such a tornado of energy should be sufficient to heat the plasma in the solar corona to its current temperature. However, this mechanism will work only in ’quiet’ regions luminaries on whose territory there are no stains and physical processes associated with them are not effective.

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