Apocalypse: on the planet earth scenario is killed constellation Vulpecula


One of the planets in the constellation Vulpecula is going through the apocalypse. The temperature of its atmosphere has reached tens of thousands of degrees and literally boiled away because of the outbreak, which occurred in a nearby star. American scientists have noticed all this with a telescope "Hubble" and tried to draw analogies. Distant planet similar to Earth, and its star is similar to the Sun. Theoretically, such a scenario is repeated disaster is possible.

Scientists do not even need to go to a movie, because in order to see the apocalypse, it is enough to look through a telescope. American astronomers discovered a process for a long time figuring among the likely version of how life can disappear on the planet. This is an electronic reconstruction of seen through a telescope. The planet, located at a distance of 63’s light years from Earth, it is analog, but the size is more like a gas giant Jupiter. The planet has his own star, but instead of the name - the sun - its name appears as a set of numbers and letters. Apocalypse began with a bright flash on a nearby star, and after a few seconds from the surface of the planet is literally begins to blow away its atmosphere.

According to scientists, the planet, for which observations are made, was on the eve of a blue sky, but that its similar characteristics to Earth came to an end. And now they do not. Located in 30 times closer to the star of the next, rather than Earth is to the Sun, she had marked the upper layers of the atmosphere, which were red-hot to thousands of degrees Celsius. Astronomers say that after the outbreak, the planetary air went to the intensity of one thousand tons per second. These same processes, however, less intensive, and occur in the earth’s atmosphere.

Constellation, which was registered deflation of the atmosphere, it was revealed in the 17th century, and its full name is Little Fox with Goose. However, due to the fact that Gus is rarely identified as a separate constellation, the name was shortened. Now Fox is under the close supervision of scientists. The Chinese claim that it extends through the axis of evil. Mysticism is not here, everything has a scientific explanation: The name is extended region along which set the orientation of the entire structure of the universe. Here there are also new ideas for screenplays, and the general principles of the theory of relativity and the theory of the Big Bang.

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