Orbital parasites can revive old satellites


Last year DARPA launched a project of Phoenix, the essence of which consists in the recovery of broken satellites and their parts with a special orbiter parasite.

Phoenix program now entered a new phase of its implementation. American Defense Agency issued a request to businesses to create satellites that could have been used in order to handle the technology Phoenix. Also, a conference dedicated to the sustainable maintenance of satellites. During the conference, scientists, military experts and representatives of commercial companies discussed the technical, operational and legal aspects of the "revival" of the faulty satellites.

According to the program used outside of Phoenix offers satellites and their parts, for example, for antennas or to create a low-cost means of communication for the military. The implementation of this program, DARPA intends to complete by 2015. By this time, is scheduled to release small satellites satlet, who will have to dock with malfunctioning satellites and repair them, turning in a sort of zombie.

Satlet must be separated from the non-working satellite radio antenna, connect it to your system and then connected to the communications network. However, this task involves a number of difficulties. We’ll have to develop a system approach and docking of the dead satellite and satlet, as well as the cutter arm and some other tools that are needed in order to develop and revitalize the satellite.

Moreover, in order to launch a new satellite will have to get approval right of the International Telecommunication Union. In addition, this event is associated with the administrative red tape and lead to increased international competition for a place in outer space. According to the report of the International Union, the alignment radio frequencies and orbits can stretch up to three years.

Despite that the Pentagon continues the program of zombie satellites. The fact is that in addition to the economic benefits of the use of space junk, this technology also has military applications only - it can be used to intercept enemy satellites.

According to the materials Sciencemagis.ru

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