Astronomers have found a black hole medium-sized


Australian scientists from the University of Sydney with Compact Array Telescope have discovered for the first time the average black hole.

Up to this point, scientists found only supermassive holes, which occupies the center of large galaxies whose mass is thousands of times more solar, or very small holes in the ground-midgets 3-30 Suns. But most of all scientists interested in black holes, average weights, as it is as a result of the merger, according to scientists, and formed a giant black hole.

It should be noted that in fact the first mid-size black hole discovered back in 2009 This happened quite by chance, astronomers noticed that one of the sources of gamma-rays suddenly shone very brightly. Typically, these outbreaks are observed when the black hole absorbing a lot of matter, which at this point is heated so much that emits gamma radiation. It could be a small hole, since then has been an outbreak would be ten times weaker. Source HLX-1, which attracted the attention of astronomers, located in the galaxy ESO 243-49.

Australian researchers involved in finding a medium-sized black holes in 2010, originally included the source HLX-1 is one of the most likely candidates. Sean Farrell, who led the study, said that all the other contenders for the title of holes middleweights were eventually rejected - they were holes-dwarfs. In the end, the only candidate for the average black hole continued to be a source HLX-1.

Astronomers were able to prove that it is not nothing but a black hole-middleweight, due to the specific effect that accompanies the flash. After a certain time after the fall into the black hole of a large cloud of interstellar gas and a large number of star dust of the matter, which is located in the vicinity of the hole, released a flood, which is fixed by scientists as a specific radio emission. This usually occurs within one to three days after the outbreak. Astronomers were able to double accurately predict when will this radio signal, and then also to register. Only after that, they announced their discovery.

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