Astronomers have discovered a mysterious tunnel on Mars


NASA perplexed by the mysterious origins of the education they have recently found on the surface of Mars. The object in the shape of a cone with a perfectly circular base and a black hole located in the middle, the diameter of which, according to scientists, is 35 meters, was recorded by astronomers completely by accident. Looking at the world images from interplanetary station Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, scientists have noticed a curious object, according to the publication Daily Mail.

The picture shows the area that is in the equatorial part of Mars, near the extinct volcano Mount Peacock (Pavonis Mons). Astronomers believe that the tunnel can be input into a kind of underground gallery.

Such formations are of particular interest to researchers of Mars, as they are natural shelters that provide protection from the harsh climate of the planet (the temperature on Mars is minus 50 degrees Celsius, although in some places it may reach minus 150). In the caves of just this type, according to scientists, there are various unknown forms of life. Also, these objects could in the future become a suitable place to land, as the spacecraft, as well as other automatic devices, as well as placing the Martian bases.

Scientists have admitted that while a loss to explain the nature of the strange object. Many researchers believe that beneath the surface of Mars may well be located branched cave, which can be located and the water in a liquid state, and even living organisms.

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