Space smells of metal and meat


American scientists have discovered the secret, long-busy minds of many scientists: what smell is actually from outer space. In principle, the responses of people who have been in orbit, only puzzled experts. According to all the astronauts, space smells of metal and flesh.

"When I was on the ISS, I always felt the scent of deep-fried steak, the smell of fumes and hot metal" - describes the sensation Tony Antonelli, a member of the expedition to the International Space Station. According to Antonelli, a smell of hard to compare with anything.

Thomas Jones, a colleague, said after returning from the ISS, except that smells listed Antonelli, he always felt on board the station especially clean air, incomparable, and the flavors are "weak caustic odor" resembling something of sulfur. Don Pettit, another astronaut added: "Every time I turned on the pump is pumping at locks, opened the hatch and thus welcomed the people inside, a peculiar smell constantly tickled my sense of smell."

In statements after NASA decided to take astronauts to the reproduction right "space smell", but even in the world, and even hired for this purpose a separate and dedicated employee.

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