In the space will leave the Russian members of the ISS crew


ISS crew members, Yuri Malenchenko and Gennady Padalka will come Monday in the open space. They need to strengthen the protection of the meteor attack module "Zvezda". The astronauts will install it for that extra paneli.Kosmonavty behind to work in computerized suits with LCD display "Orlan-MK". A special program will suggest which systems need to control the order in which just before going into space, as well as what to do in emergency situation. A new modification of the suit was first tried out in 2009 Gennady Padalka.Rabota overboard for both astronauts - is a familiar procedure: Padalka have been behind eight spacewalks lasting more than 27 hours, Malenchenko also held in the open air for more than 24 hours.

The program is a very busy Monday. Main objectives: to move from the docking module "Pirs" Boom on functional cargo block "Dawn", run microsatellite "Sphere", and set the module "Zvezda" additional panels to protect it from various encounters with meteoritami.Esli time and forces will remain, the astronauts dismantled containers "Pierce", where there are bacteria, larvae and seeds. They immediately sent to Earth to find out how space radiation affects living suschestva.Drugie members of the ISS-32: NASA stronavty Sunita Williams, Joseph Acaba, Russian Sergei Revin and Japanese Akihiko Hoside will insure their colleagues on board the station. It is planned that Malenchenko and Padalka in open space will hold about 6.5 hours.

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