Mars rover Spirit will be immobilized fixed station


On Tuesday, the leaders of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced that Spirit, stuck in a sand trap, and staying in it for the past 10 months, will remain there forever.

But it was hoped that the rover will continue life as a stationary science research station, if only survive the coming Martian winter.

"This is not a day of mourning for the Spirit-a", - said Doug Makkuistion (Doug McCuistion), director of the NASA Mars exploration program during a conference call.

In March, six wheels Spirit-but failed after a hard crust in the sandy material, immobilize the rover.

In November, an attempt was made to free Spirit, but he refused the right rear wheel. The right front wheel stopped turning four years ago. Nasovtsy decided that, even if the Spirit could be freed, with two broken wheels, his best days are behind him. The rover is designed to operate for three months, and so managed to work for more than six years.

Managers will focus in the coming weeks to try to send a rover solar panels toward the sun. With the approach of Martian winter days will become shorter, which means less energy is generated by solar panels, and all-terrain vehicle is likely to defuse their batteries. Spirit is programmed in such a way that he will put himself into a deep hibernation to survive the bitter cold. Of course, this process would work perfectly if the rover was new. At the moment, the probabilities of various faults up to a total loss of efficiency.

Martian winter begins in May, and NASA officials are hoping that the Spirit will be able to resume work in August or September, conducting radio and atmospheric studies that were not possible when the rover moved. Precise radio measurements could accurately determine the variations in the rotation axis of Mars that could help determine whether the planet’s core liquid or solid. Our news is the key informers, modern life. You are always aware of all the events of your country.


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