A new three-dimensional map of the universe, covering more than a million galaxies


Scientists at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in the astronomical project SloanDigitalSkySurvey SDSS III created the largest in the history of the three-dimensional map of the universe. It shows more than 1.3 million massive galaxies and black holes. This card is three times more than the previous record holder, and this is not the final version and it will still be supplemented.

U.S. astronomers have dubbed this interim map, since it covers only a third of the final version of the information, which will be ready in 5-6 years. Now the map shows the 1, 35 million galaxies, and their sizes are specified distance from our planet. Virtually all of the information used in creating the map, obtained by Spectrograph baryon oscillations, located in the Observatory Apache.

The new card tells about all the important events that took place in the universe for the last 6 billion years, and the many mysterious phenomena that modern science can not explain. For example, the mystery of dark matter, which is considered the main driving force behind the expansion of the universe.

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