Strange cloud towards the center of our galaxy


The bright cloud emits light of the Sun is almost 5 times.

Scientists are monitoring unusual gas and dust cloud that with each passing day more rushes into a black hole, located in the central part of the Milky Way.

A little earlier, astronomers announced the discovery of gas and dust cloud enveloping the young star, who is torn, located close to a giant black hole. All of this cosmic phenomenon happening right in the heart of our galaxy, the "Milky Way."

Located in the center of our galaxy, a supermassive black hole called Sagittarius A. Scientists estimate that its mass reaches 4.3 million solar masses. A sufficiently small amount of light means that there is too much material has penetrated into this black hole.

Also, recently for the radio source Sagittarius A, scientists have observed, using the Very Large Teleskopp VLT, located in Chile, noting near the huge gas-dust cloud mass greater than 3 times the mass of our planet. Glowing cloud is moving rapidly at a rate of 8.4 million kilometers per hour, heading towards the center of our galaxy.

According to scientists, the cloud in June 2013 should be close to the central black hole in our galaxy. It emits almost 5 times more light than it radiates the sun.

Scientists do not interest ceases to observe the behavior of the cloud, assuming that it is a consequence of the formation of a black hole rupture of the young star.

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