Earth orbiting satellite to recognize the sound of music


Orbital satellite orbiting Earth orbit, was able to record the first song of the Earth. Astrophysics, to fix this unusual signal, called it "a chorus of the Earth." True, they argue that the recorded sounds can hardly be called singing, and sent companion "soundtrack" should be seen as music only metaphorically.

However, it turned out that our planet is actually "singing" and this phenomenon can be seen regularly. It is an amazing sound event occurs only when the collision of magnetic belts of the Earth with particles of solar wind, resulting in the low-frequency electromagnetic fluctuations. Of course, the human auditory organ is not able to distinguish these sounds, but the scientists were able to convert them into an available signal for the people.

Scientists have long argued about the existence of a chorus of space objects, which in addition to the Earth perform their arias pulsars produce sounds similar to the noise of the helicopter and solar prominences, which publish droning organ sounds. And the main space is the implementing Saturn Io, who whispers something voice like human speech. Not so long ago, NASA scientists have collected music space objects and released a CD with the cosmic music.

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