Snowflakes on Mars are composed of carbon dioxide


A few years ago, it became known that it’s snowing on Mars, there is not only snowflakes such as on our planet. They consist of carbon monoxide, which in terrestrial conditions is a colorless gas, and in the Martian atmosphere, it is converted into tiny snowflakes white, smaller than a human blood cell. Recently received new pictures of this unusual phenomenon had sent to Earth space probe orbiting Mars.

In our solar system, a phenomenon called by scientists "dry ice", is found only on Mars. This snow is deposited on the surface of the Red Planet, and so it seems a whitish haze. Dry snow bring Martian clouds surrounding Mars. Especially good Martian snowfall seen in the south pole of the planet.

However, the reasons for this phenomenon is not yet unraveled, and scientists continue to conduct research work in this direction. Perhaps, soon to be new information that will shed light on the dark secrets of amazing Martian snow, which is no longer on any planet known to man.

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