Mars rover Curiosity suspended work due to loss of detail


NASA scientists on the surface of Mars Curiosity near the machine was seen a small bright object, which, presumably, is a fragment of the rover. For this reason it was decided to temporarily suspend all scheduled operations requiring the use of dredge device.

Through NASA’s Mars rover camera will try to make pictures of the strange new object, hoping to determine its nature and to assess the impact of the incident on the course of the mission in the future.

Earlier, American space experts reported that they test the rover’s arm action of two meters and a number of research tools installed on it, according to the information JPL Space Agency of the United States. Several tests and inspections lasted for 10 days, representatives of NASA.

Rover equipped so-called "hand" of 2.1 meters in length, mounted at its end a block scientific instruments, namely, an alpha ray spectrometer APXS, whose purpose is to study the chemical composition of the rock chamber MAHLI, the detail size of 14 microns miniature drill for rock samples in the form of powder, and many other devices.

Recall that a two-stage launch vehicle Atlas V with Curiosity was launched from Cape Canaveral in November 2011. The eight-unit flight ended August 6, 2012 the successful landing in Gale Crater, located in the southern part of the Red Planet, and later gave the first color photograph the surface of Mars to Earth. The main tasks of the unit are reported to search for any traces of water and the answer to long-standing interest of all scientists question whether there were ever on the planet life forms. Validity of a mobile laboratory, the cost of kotoroysostavlyaet $ 2.5 billion is equal to one Martian year (686 Earth days).

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