Astronomers have obtained an image of unusual galaxy


Astronomers Observatory "Gemini" managed to take a picture of the galaxy NGC 660, it was the most detailed picture to date. The unusual galaxy is located near the constellation of Pisces at a distance of 40 million light years from Earth.

Astronomers believe the galaxy is not quite normal in view of the fact that it represents two separate clusters of stars spiral and lenticular. This type of galaxy called polar, but NGC 660 is the only one among them galaxy, which is an old Lenticular congestion in the center.

Astronomers still do not know how unusual structure of the galaxy formed, but they are inclined to say that the two clusters of stars united by the force of gravity.

"Gemini" - is an observatory, which is located in Hawaii, on the extinct volcano Mauna Kea. Earlier this observatory staff reported that they had received image nebula Sharpless 2-71, which was formed by the interaction of two already aging stars.

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