In the universe of stars is stopped


The universe ceased to create new stars. This fact has an international team of astronomers in the processing of such telescopes, like wide-angle, infrared and Subaru, which are established in Hawaii and Chile.

One of the main tasks of the group is to define all the details of star formation from the time of formation of the universe to the present day. As it turned out, most of all when ever existed stars formed at about the same time, more precisely in the period between 9 and 11 billion years ago, only a small portion of them - in the time remaining. It turns out that 95% of all the stars in the sky is shining ever, at the time of formation of the Earth has existed.

"We live now in the world of old stars. In the universe all the most important thing happened billions of years ago "- said David Sobral, head of research at Leiden University (the Netherlands). He argues that the peak performance of the stars in the universe have passed the 11 billion years ago, and in subsequent years it declined by 30 times. "If this trend continues, then gradually in the universe will remain no more than 5% of all the stars that ever existed," - says the scientist.

The new study was based primarily on the search for alpha particles that are emitted by hydrogen atoms, and pass through the sealing area. This method allows to create a complete picture of the world at certain times, namely 2, 4, 6 and 9 billion years ago. A new generation of telescopes can collect much more to collect data than in previous years, and it increases significantly the accuracy of the findings.

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