A powerful solar flare will result in a strong magnetic storm


On Friday, November 16, at about 11:00 in the Sun was a huge eruption. A large number of solar material by the beginning of the next day was impossible to hang around with great speed to the surface of the Earth.

According to information specialists, flash in the sun lasted approximately 3.5 hours, accompanied by rupture of the solar fiber, as well as double coronal mass ejection. It should be noted, and the fact of emission capacity of solar material: it was so great that it could not even fit in the frame of the photograph, made by staff of the Observatory (SDO).

The Earth’s surface is highly-charged solar particles have reached the evening of November 17. Scientists argue that the geomagnetic storm was one of the most powerful ever recorded.

NASA responsibly warned of the very real surges, possible violations of the signals of mobile communications, cable failures, as well as ailments in humans.

Among other things, according to NASA learned about the failure of the satellite Kodama of Japan as a result of the magnetic storm.

Flash fixed to the Sun November 16, recognized as one of the strongest observed in the last three decades.

For a human body charged particles do not carry any particular risk and, nevertheless, can cause failure of the various electrical equipment.

There was the largest solar flare ever observed

Mushroom cooled plasma popped like a pimple on the sun, and then, under the force of gravity, hit back. In the space has been thrown out the largest amount of solar material on record. Solar flare - an unusually bright spot in the sun, does not surprise scientists. Space observatories over the past year recorded about 70 such outbreaks, each of which is about ten times weaker than "extreme" flare, which since 2007, there was only two.

Dark matter can cause a solar flare?

It is believed that a solar flare - a sudden change in the brightness of the solar chromosphere, which greatly relieved when energy stored in twisted magnetic fields (usually above sunspots). Within a few minutes a substance sunny in the area heated to millions of degrees and a release of a wide variety of electromagnetic radiation - from the radio waves to X rays and gamma rays.

Doubles ejection of solar plasma can cause a magnetic storm on Earth

The two most powerful plasma discharge, which took place on Wednesday and Thursday in the Sun on the Earth can trigger a burst of geomagnetic disturbances on Sunday, June 17, as suggested by specialists from the center of the forecast space weather Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National USA.

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