The Russian space program will explore the Moon


Prospects for the development of space related mainly to the development and construction of the moon on it manned bases, as suggested by Gennady Raikunov, director general of the Central Research Institute of Machine Building. He believes that "the potential of the ISS is almost completely exhausted." "It is time to look further and higher," - said in a statement Raikunov agency "Interfax".

"Creating bases on the Moon will help to understand how to ensure the livelihoods of the people on the other planet in the solar system, to use the resources of minerals or water ice. This melted ice, for example, not only can be used for drinking, but as fuel for rocket engines decomposing it into hydrogen and oxygen, "- says CEO of the company. "Three of the most promising areas of orbital complexes are base on the moon, specialized stations for certain purposes, as well as a service station," - said General Director.

Raikunov notes that once the ISS will be fully rolled out only in 2020, "to throw it immediately - a sin." "However, after 2020, in the short term, the station will still have to go. A series of questions, mostly related to the extension of service life of the modules and the United States and Russia, is expiring in 2013-2015", - said the director general.

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