A meteorite discovered by accident record size


According to some data, the researchers were able to fix California’s huge meteorite fall. Celestial body that could remain anonymous deserves its entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

Fallen Sutter’s sawmill near the home of California "gold rush" meteorite has not been fixed familiar astronomical methods. However, he was discovered by three Doppler radars, and then a group of enthusiastic researchers led by Peter Jenniskens went to the place of the likely incidence and found there 77 small fragments of the meteorite. As subsequent calculations, the debris were the remains of a 40-ton meteorite with a diameter of about 2.5-4 meters. The space object is split at an altitude of about 48 km from the friction with the release of energy equal to four kilotons of TNT.

Such an event researchers explain the unusually high rate of the meteorite. In conjunction observations and calculations have allowed scientists to conclude that the heavenly body fell into the Earth’s atmosphere at a speed of 28.6 km / s, or almost 103 000 km / h, which is significantly higher than the rate of all registered so far meteorites.

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