The gas cloud glows 100 times brighter than the sun in the center of the galaxy


In our Galaxy in 2013 could shine a new star, which from Earth can be seen in the infrared.

Located in the center of the galaxy small cloud of gas G2, glows brighter than the sun is 100 times after meeting with the black hole Sgr A.

Astronomers have discovered the spring of last year, a small cloud of gas that moves at high speed to a supermassive black hole. Some scholars suggest that the cloud contains a dim star, while others - have denied this opportunity.

Cloud approach the summer of 2013 to Sgr A *, and then die. This will allow researchers to track all physical processes that govern the life of supermassive black holes like Sgr A *.

Experts from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, using a three-dimensional model attempted to predict the consequences of the "meeting". Astrophysicists have observed the processes by which depended on changes in the brightness of the gas cloud at the time of approaching the black hole.

A team of researchers led by Takayuki Saito said that the rapprochement with the black hole clouds will lead to the fact that the G2 will turn into a thin strip of gas. The density of the cloud will increase several times, and the temperature increase to several thousand degrees Kelvin in mind powerful tidal forces.

Thus, the brightness of the clouds in summer 2013 in infrared light reaches its peak value, which exceeds the total brightness of the sun is almost 100 times. The gas cloud can be seen through the installation of infrared telescopes in the world, which will allow him to study in detail.

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