Around the Andromeda is a strange galactic disk


Around a large spiral galaxy Andromeda was found in the galactic disk group of dwarf galaxies. It is able to detect the French scientists, using the telescope Canada-France-Hawaii. Today is considerable doubt whether the existing models of galaxies to explain the presence of very extensive disk. To date, it allows you to hide the major portion of more than twenty dwarf galaxies located near Andromeda. It should be noted that the dwarf satellite galaxies are the remnants of the material which subsequently merged to create a giant galaxy.

According to experts, such a galactic disk may be in its own galaxy, the Milky Way. At the moment, scientists are trying to understand the reasons for the emergence of so much of the galactic disc in Andromeda, which combines a large number of dwarf galaxies. The presence of a rotating disk with dwarf galaxies near Andromeda suggests the existence of a link between the large spiral galaxy and its small satellites.

Andromeda galaxy is located at a distance of more than two million light years from our galaxy. It should be noted that the mass of data dwarf galaxies is from ten to a hundred million solar masses. The total mass of large galaxies is equal to about one trillion solar masses.

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