Curiosity took pictures of "flower" on the surface of Mars


NASA researchers are studying the next shot, which recently sent the rover Curiosity, trying to understand what had it pictured. "Martian flower" - so long as scientists jokingly referred to as object detected by the rover on the surface of Mars. In fact, there are still two versions - or is it just a bright stone or piece of shell and rolled back from the rover.

For all of his time on the Red Planet Curiosity sent more than a thousand images to Earth and found a lot of interesting things. Research unit flew to Mars Curiosity nearly a year and landed on August 6 last year. This rover is by far the most complex of all that have been created by NASA. Length six-wheel unit is three meters and a height of about two meters. Weight rover - 900 pounds, but on Mars, it weighs less than three times, and its speed is up to 90 meters per hour. Suspension is so arranged that it is free to overcome obstacles, which reach heights of 75 centimeters.

Working less than six months on Mars, Curiosity has sent a lot of interesting and important information to Earth. On the photographs NASA specialists found evidence of the existence of water on the Red Planet. The photo is clearly seen, in particular, the rocky formation. Scientists believe that this form of stone give it water.

This product should last for one Martian year, the equivalent of two of the earth. Experts hope that this time the rover will be several tens of kilometers and analyze Martian soil and air.

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