Asteroid Apophis will fly past Earth in 2036


The specialists from NASA, their observation of the asteroid Apophis show that the fear of collision with it is not necessary.

According to NASA scientists, it does not strike the Earth in 2036.

Observations made during the previous approximation Apophis when he was only 14.5 million miles from Earth, were taken into account in the calculations, which showed that this weighty outer body with a diameter greater than 300 meters, did not collide with the Earth in the near future .

"We have practically ruled out the possibility of Apophis collision with Earth in 2036," - said Don Eomans, managing the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. Since its opening in 2004, the estimate of the probability of collision is gradually falling, dropping down to one per million, which dramatically reduces the chances of a collision at no.

This asteroid will fly very close to the Earth in 2029, when he was in charge at us 10 times closer to the Moon, at a distance of 31,000 kilometers. Expert on asteroids Richard Binzel of MIT, who oversaw the asteroid in the IRTF this week called for landing astronauts on an asteroid in 2029.


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