Space hotel will open in 2016


Russian company Orbital Technologies is developing a commercial space station, which will orbit the hotel at an altitude of 350 km above the Earth.

This incredible property will require its visitors to fork out considerably. Price only deliver to the station will be 800 thousand dollars, and another 160 will have to pay 000 dollars for five days on the space station. This station will be designed to provide comfort, as opposed to research-oriented International Space Station.

Commercial flight to the space station Orbital Technologies will take two days aboard a Soyuz rocket. An experienced team will accompany tourists (the number of which can be up to seven people) during the flight and in space. In contrast to the simple food in tubes that astronauts eat, tourists will be provided with a gourmet menu designed to satisfy the sophisticated tastes of gourmet. Microwaves on board will heat up the food before serving.

Commercial space stations will be equipped with windows, cameras, binoculars, allowing you to enjoy views from the hotel views. Although this project, scheduled for launch in 2016, is aimed primarily at tourists, this is not limited to the number of potential areas of applications station. This commercial space station will serve as the temporary seat of the cosmonauts and astronauts to the International Space Station in case of emergency.


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