Russia will send a space station on the moon in 2015


The Russian space agency Roscosmos announced that the country will resume exploration of the Moon, after a forty-year hiatus. The resumption of the Russian lunar exploration program will take place in 2015, when they sent at steps four unmanned stations. In addition, it is planned to send a team of Russian cosmonauts to the Moon no later than 2030.

New missions to Mars will be developed and start with a new Space Centre East spaceport. This space center, which is estimated at $ 1 billion, is currently being built in the Far East of Russia, in the Amur region.

Top of these plans will be put in 2015, when it will be launched automatically probe Luna-Glob weighing 1.2 tons. This automatic station will collect samples of water and soil, which will be returned to Earth.

As the head of Roscosmos, Vladimir Popovkin, the lunar mission will start with this small step and will develop further. "With this, we begin our exploration of the Moon" - he told reporters.


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