In the YouTube video appeared with taking off from the Moon UFO


Will there finally, in 2013, earthlings contact with aliens? One of the users hosting YouTube absolutely sure of this.

User named danchek2013, posted the video in which he claims, mysterious object flashes, flying over the surface of our planet’s natural satellite - the Moon.

In the video, according to the author, you can see the "alien craft" arising out of the shadows on the lunar surface, which accelerated over the craters, changes direction and flies to the bottom of the screen.

The interesting thing is that the object leaves the turbulent wake, such as those that leave the plane.

So what is it really is: the birds had flown away, the particles of cosmic dust, exploding star? Or does the interstellar ship belonging to the inhabitants of extraterrestrial civilizations that have come from another galaxy to observe our planet?

This opinion was divided, as evidenced by numerous comments from the users YouTube.

Some believe that this is really the object of extraterrestrial origin, not like a plane or a bird. While others see this as yet another fraud, which is the work of UFO hunters.

Original in (English language) Translation: M. Potter

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