Astronomers have discovered traces of the river on Mars


Startling new picture of the European Space Agency found traces of river length of 1,500 km and a width of 7 km, which once flowed on Mars.

The spacecraft Mars Express took off in the photo the top of the river in the region Reull Vallis on Mars, using the High Resolution Stereo.

It was dry today, but in the period between 1.8 and 3.5 billion years ago, this region was a river, on the spot where the glaciers are now.

This discovery provides planetary geologists a unique insight into the past of the Red Planet, which is not very different from the modern Earth.

This meandering structure extending nearly 1,500 km of the Martian landscape, excised numerous tributaries.

Such linear structures filled, according to the astronomers, the ice can be found in many of the surrounding craters.

The region is strikingly reminiscent of the morphology of the regions of the Earth covered by glaciers.

Original: Thehindubusinessline com

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