The giant hole on the moon - a place for an alien base


The space probe Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter made the most detailed pictures of the two giant holes in the surface of the moon. The holes are like a deep black hole for scientists and represent special scientific.

Dark failures, as scientists believe, are formed as a result of the destruction of the earth beneath the lava tube. Impact, for example, the impact of a meteorite, contributed to the fact that some of the rocks, forming an even deeper collapse, collapsed inward. In essence, it is an original cave collapsed ceiling which opens the researchers are not available in normal conditions and the deeper layers of rock.

One of these holes is the Marius Hills, previously studied by the Japanese probe SELENE / Kaguya. Marius Hills diameter of about 65 meters, whereas the estimated depth - from 80 to 88 meters. Its dimensions are large enough to hide in a hole is a large building, such as the White House.

Another hole Mare Ingenii almost twice the size Marius Hills. Surprisingly, it is located in an area where there is a relatively small number of features of volcanic activity.

According to scientists from Carnegie Mellon University, these lunar formations play an important role in space exploration. They may well be a suitable location for the base on the moon and an excellent platform for testing methods to search for life on Mars.

To make detailed pictures of the bottom of the hole, despite progress in the field of optics, very difficult. LRO unit miraculously managed to "catch" the angle of incidence of sunlight, necessary for their coverage of the bottom of the dip. The scientists focused their attention is now mainly on the modeling of lunar volcanic formations. According to calculations, the accuracy of the simulated experiments has reached 92%, much higher than the results which were obtained directly from the experiments with different spacecraft.

Thus, the method of studying the dark gaps, developed at Carnegie Mellon University, allows the formation of the unusual find out much more than the usual observations from orbit.

All data on the lunar holes may be required in the design of lunar bases, production facilities and the development of exploration technologies such formations on Mars. It is possible that in such dark and hidden failures of Martian life.

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