Scientists: sooner or later the Sun "absorb" the Earth


After the failed "end of the world", the expected number of inhabitants of the planet at the end of December 2012, scientists have presented further scenario by which to develop relationships with the luminary of the Earth.

According to scientists, the Sun gradually attracts the planet. So, one day there will come a time and attract the light and eventually engulf the Earth.

According to the phenomenon that in science called the Poynting - Robertson, not only our planet, but also the heavenly bodies "fall" on the Sun, carrying the spiral movement. And the smaller the size of the cosmic body, the faster respectively will eventually close encounter with a "yellow dwarf", and the subsequent absorption of the planet.

Recall that last year broadcaster TVK News with reference to the facts of NASA scientists reported a possible offensive end of the world on Earth on September 22.

In the scientific paper "Space Weather Threats: economic and social consequences," said that at a specified time in the sun will be a series of flashes that emit a huge amount of gases that provoke the most powerful geomagnetic storms.

People across the world were to see the northern lights (it is usually only available to residents of the Arctic Circle), and as noted by scholars, it was to take place in the afternoon. After mankind had to expect a "salute" triggered by electric charges with a shower of sparks. In consequence, only a few minutes on the planet expected energy paralysis. Without electricity, according to the scenario should have been left millions of people around the world.

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