Record asteroid will pass by Earth this month


An asteroid the size of half a football field will come to Earth on February 15. According to NASA, it will fly closer to us than satellite GPS.

"This is a close approximation of a record," - said Don Yeomans of NASA’s asteroid, designated 2012DA14.

It is suitable for a distance of 27,680 km from the surface of our planet.

"The chances of a collision with a satellite is extremely small," - said Yeomans. "In a place of passage DA14 almost lie orbit satellites."

If the size of 50 meters, the asteroid "not small, but not high," and is likely formed from a stone rather than ice or a metal. According to Yeomans, an asteroid flies around the Earth, on average, once every 40 years, but is facing our planet once every 1200 years.

Even in the event of a collision with the DA14, the consequences will not be fatal to the planet as a whole. The object that is similar in size, created a crater in Arizona measuring 1.5 km. It consisted of a metal, and the affected area was 83 km.

"That asteroid was made of iron," - said Yeomans. "And it only increased the force of collision."

In 1908, an asteroid exploded in the atmosphere over Siberia, leveling hundreds of kilometers of forest.


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