Bright green comet will soon fly over the northern hemisphere


Residents of the northern hemisphere in early April, will be able to watch the flight of a comet with an unusually bright green glow. Bright coloring heavenly pilgrims due to the content in its spectrum of cyanogen and diatomic carbon.

Opening Lemmon or comet C/2012 F6 was made March 23, 2012. At the moment, the space object is located at a distance of about 92 million kilometers from the Earth, and you can still see her only from the Southern Hemisphere. Moving the comet in space, as they note, is absolutely silent.

Timeframe Lemmon, located in an elliptical orbit, is eleven thousand years. This comet was first found in the solar system. Approaching the Sun, the comet on the assumptions of scientists to reach 2-3 magnitudes and become comparable to the brightness of the stars of the constellation Ursa Major.

No less exciting spectacle began last year Gemenid meteor shower, a phenomenon also known as a meteor rain, which occurs every year in mid-December, when the Earth passes through the debris avalanche of space rocks. As these small rocks flying through the atmosphere, they light up, creating the image of stargazing.

The Geminids get their name from the constellation of Gemini (Gemini). In this enchanting night maximum number of bright meteors will appear from the point in the sky, which is located near the star Castor, located in the constellation Gemini, or radiant flux.

Geminids meteor rain is usually the most abundant meteor shower, which by their generosity outshines even the August Perseids. In the Geminid meteors crash into the Earth at a speed of about 35 kilometers per second.

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