Evolution of the Universe


The theoretical model of the multiverse reveals a connection between the phenomena of macro and micro level, determines the order of formation of composite microparticles and conditions of their interactions.

Let us assume that our universe is part of a hexagonal face-centered cubic lattice in which all the universes expand at the same rate (Figure 1). After the merger of their boundaries will de-structuring agents, and any prerequisites birth of a new generation of universes. During expansion they reach equal size, but may vary containing substance. We denote the total mass of the same universe - M. At the change of generations in the array is an ordered universe redistribution parameter M.

In addition to this, there are many similar array of arrays composed of multiple smaller and larger multiple universes. Each of them fills one of the levels in the hierarchy of cosmic universe and serves as a substrate, the structuring shifts parameter M in the space next level. In particular, the space in which our universe was formed, structured array consisting of universes many orders of magnitude smaller microparticles. They are not directly involved in the physical interactions and are not components of our medium material.

Fig. 1. Hexagonal face-centered cubic lattice.

Each universe has a boundary, which is the difference of the parameter M in the array closest micro-level. Abroad, the average value of M is higher than the inside, and it is constantly growing, forming a wave parameter M. Material objects of the universe did not collapse under the influence of these waves, as they have the appropriate resistance mechanisms.

Gravity - dissipative process

The simplest mechanism for the stability of matter - the extreme value of the parameter M. Because it creates a gradient dissipation M, the interaction of waves with which the parameter M decreases the amplitude and the frequency is increasing. In fact, the waves are attracted to the extreme point where the amplitude drops to zero, and brought them to the increment of M spent dissipation. Waves converge to the point of extremum is not a straight line, and on the involute, forming a spherical wave flow, sustained by the balance of absorption and dissipation, which is the primary PM - preons (Fig. 2). Preons are the original building blocks of matter of the universe. Their wave flows in the same direction of twist, identical central chirality. This is due to the baryon asymmetry of the universe, which manifests itself in the small number of anti-matter.

Fig. 2. Preons.

Gradient M attracts wave parameter M, including preons. This gravitational field. The sources of gravity are preons and educated their material objects in the structures of which there are extremes M. Another source of gravity - an area with a high parameter M, located abroad universe. In expanding the boundaries, it decreases, and the waves that carry the increment parameter M, the universe is constantly receiving. Formed the boundary gradient M - the gravitational field, which gives the acceleration of the galaxies from flying.

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Author: Mark Katzenberg

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