Began testing the Mars probe Maven


After assembly of the NASA Mars orbiter Maven (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN), specialists Lockheed Martin switched to ground tests. Running the probe are planning to make in November, according to NASA.

Over the next few months, the unit will be tested for resistance to vibration, extremely high or extremely low temperatures and vacuum conditions, overloading, and cosmic radiation.

It is expected that at the beginning of August this year, the probe of the shops Lockheed Martin will be sent to the NASA Space Center. Kennedy, which will host the crowning stage of preparation for launch.

Approved by NASA in October 2010 Maven is designed to determine the causes, the loss of most of its Mars atmosphere. Scientists have long established that Mars had in the past a denser atmosphere, which allowed for the presence of liquid water on the surface of the Red Planet.

Maven will probe the precise scientific measurements of the atmosphere at the rate of loss today, which will allow scientists to determine what is the role of the loss of Mars Climate Change, and look into his distant past.

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